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The realism of nature embodied in ceramic mastery

June, 2024

We are sure that, within the design of architecture, natural elements are of great importance nowadays. These are key to achieve a perfect harmony in the spaces inhabited by man and by integrating them we seek to obtain the benefits of nature and take advantage of them in the best way.

The colors of the wood; its texture, the feeling of warmth it transmits, the finish of a marble; the veins that make it up, stone-like floors; its tonality, among other characteristics, are qualities that Cesantoni has managed to capture in the designs of its different ceramic and porcelain tile floors and coverings.

The use of HD technology keeps us at the forefront as a 100% Mexican company that offers much more aesthetic attributes and realism in the graphics of its products. In addition, thanks to the purity of the raw material with which we manufacture, we achieve great advantages to provide quality and durability at a lower cost of installation and maintenance.

In this way, as leaders in innovation we have created residential and commercial spaces with the desired natural style, we bet every day to produce designs that resemble natural elements.

Blendwood Canela 20 cm x 120 cm

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