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Design Week Mexico

June, 2024

The event that promotes what is made in Mexico

Taking all forms of design expression to the limit is the purpose of Design Week Mexico, the platform that for 13 years has become one of the most anticipated events for designers and architects and which has been headed by architect Emilio Cabrero, who has strived to maintain the high level of this showcase for the Mexican creative industries.

The 2021 edition, where Cesantoni becomes an ally, is focused on what is made in Mexico, craftsmanship of artisans and above all in the conservation of Mexican crafts.

While Design House is a very important exercise of style that this year has become the new perception of the Mexican house, since these do not have to be as traditionally conceived but can be with contemporary and avant-garde design, but at the same time must preserve the use of ancient Mexican traditions, but with a new reinterpretation…


“Design is the answer to many, many things.”


With this, we have communicated that design is the answer to many things, in such a conjunctural moment as we are living, we must promote Mexican creators and companies. We have had great allies such as Piacere, witnesses of the evolution in Design Week to which Mexican manufacturers have been integrated from interior design, explained Emilio.

Beyond exhibiting and exposing, these 13 years of DWM, have left learnings in its founders and participants as they have cultivated friendships and close collaborations, as they describe that it is a project that is done with great affection, professionalism and commitment.

They hope that those who visit Design House, can find many things; although for architects, designers or an enthusiast of creativity can visualize the use of materials, textures, trends, and the vision of the new Mexican house. It is a project designed for architects and designers who have a taste for art, architecture and good living.


“The challenge has been to reinvent ourselves in each edition and this is the example of the growth and capacity of the participating firms. The goal is to inspire with these spaces created in each room. It’s a point of inspiration, it’s a place to take ideas, contemplate and meditate.”.


As every year, they have a special guest, this time it was Oaxaca, a state with an important craft tradition that stands out for the preservation of trades and craft techniques of contemporary Mexican design that enrich this edition.


Finally, they added that they hope to continue innovating and do not rule out the possibility that Zacatecas, “Face of quarry and heart of silver”, could be one of the invited states, although they are already working with artisan communities through “Ensamble artesano”, a project designed by the Haciendas del Mundo Maya Foundation and Taller Maya in collaboration with México Territorio Creativo and Design Week.

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