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Everybody needs a break

June, 2024

Do you live it in your spaces?

VGZ Arquitectura, a firm from the CDMX and Cesantoni merged to present a great proposal in one of the most important events in which national brands in the architecture and design industry stand out.

In its participation in Design Week Mexico, VGZ presented through Design House; “Pausa”, a space intervened by its leader Verónica González who emphasized that through her work she seeks to involve all the actors from the design to the last detail of each project she executes. “We are convinced that when you design something, what you create are emotions,” she said.

She also explains that these times of reflection have helped us to feel and see what is missing in our daily lives: “We need to take a moment and change the rhythm and that is what we wanted to provoke here”.

In addition, she emphasized that the inspiration comes from local materials, since everything that integrates her project is Mexican, nationally produced and imprinted with the extraordinary workmanship of the country and the materials it produces to envelop and evoke a sense of peace.

From her vision as an architect, Verónica González assures that daring to use materials in different ways and mixing textures can have a great impact in spaces and achieve what is desired: “For Pausa, we used ceramics, a very rigid material, we wanted to give it movement through the placement in these murals, combining ceramics and its perfect finish with clay, which is very artisanal and earthy,” she added.

Finally, for her, Design House is the perfect opportunity to do something that we do not do every day, it is always the opportunity to experiment, to test the limits as architects and the challenge is that everything is executed in a reduced time; the process is enjoyable; assembling, disassembling and transforming a space in two weeks leaves a lot of experience that can simply be translated into one word: Pausa, a moment of reflection.


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