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Achieve an easy leveling of your installation!

June, 2024

360º Solutions with Cesantoni

In Cesantoni we want every construction project to be executed in the best way, for this reason and with more than 40 years of experience in the market, we present you the best tools for the handling and placement of our ceramic and porcelain tile floors and coverings.

Here’s what you need to know about the leveling system:

  • It is an essential tool to achieve a top level finish in the placement of ceramic coverings both on the floor and on the wall.
  • Its objective is to avoid bumps between pieces and ensure that none is higher than the other.
  • It ensures flatness and reduces installation times in a fast and 100% effective way.
  • This system is ideal for large formats that have at least one side equal to or greater than 60 cm.
  • Although it does not replace the use of spacers, both tools are recommended for a perfect installation.
  • It avoids movements between pieces during the adhesive setting and a minimum joint of 2 millimeters is required.

How to make leveling by wedge?

  1. Prepares adhesive suitable for large formats.
  2. Properly apply the adhesive to the substrate to be coated.
  3. With the flat side of the trowel apply a light coat on the entire back of the tile to be installed (double gluing).
  4. Place the clips over the adhesive layer installed on the substrate.
  5. Place the tile on the substrate and lightly tap the tile with a rubber mallet to give the tile the first level.
  6. Repeat steps 1, 2, 3 for the next tile.
  7. Lay the 2nd tile making sure to leave the installed clip free.
  8. Once the second tile is seated, insert the wedge into the clip.
  9. Give a slight manual adjustment to the wedge to fix both tiles.
  10. Once both tiles are set, give final adjustment using the clamps specified for leveling.
  11. Even with the leveling using the clamps it may be necessary to give a final adjustment using the rubber mallet.
  12. Once the adhesive has set, remove the clip with a rubber mallet. (Note that the wedge is reusable until the top edges wear out).

In Cesantoni, we want every corner of your space to be perfect, this leveling system will be your great ally to ensure maximum quality and unbeatable results in the installation.



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