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Realism and nature on your walls

June, 2024

Reinventing spaces or remodeling is always an idea that crosses our minds at some point in life and although the most common is to paint walls, change ornaments for a luxury decoration or move furniture, now is the time to look around us and think about what the walls of our home or office say.

Reflect on the walls, if they are damaged, keep moisture or require costly maintenance, if so; you should consider installing high quality coatings on your walls that elevate the design of your interior spaces and not just that, but offer technical advantages such as resistance and easy cleaning.

In Cesantoni you will find a wide variety of ceramic and porcelain tiles, with a diversity of finishes, shades and designs. The realism of the products that resemble elements of nature will become the focus of attention and reflect; elegance, warmth and originality here we recommend some of these options:

Stone type ceramic walls:

With this type of finish the walls reflect a realism in the design that resembles a natural stone, giving a feeling of freshness and character or warmth. These products are ideal for spaces such as living rooms, foyers, or receptions (these products give an elegant and luxurious appearance).

See stone type coatings


Cement type coatings:

The cement type finishes in addition to providing resistance to the walls, have a neutral design in gray tones that gives a sense of sobriety, elegance and provides an air of industrial or minimalist style.

See cement type coatings


Marble type coatings:

This type of coatings are intended to elevate the design when more elegant results are intended. Thanks to the technology that Cesantoni uses, we always achieve an excellent resemblance to natural marble with veins and a variety of faces that make them unique in the market. In addition, most of these products are presented in large formats, which reduces the number of joints, obtaining a wider and cleaner vision of the space.

See marble type products


Walls with accents:

One more option is to accentuate only one wall in the spaces and for this the experts in interior design and architecture suggest installing smaller formats with geometric designs, shades that contrast with the rest of the walls and variety of colors, thus giving a different touch to the areas you want to change.

See more geometric designs

You can start by remodeling those that are most frequently inhabited; the foyer, the living room, the dining room, and even the bathroom. In Cesantoni you can find the opportunity to show off your spaces with the best quality and design in ceramic and porcelain tile floors and coverings. It’s time to give realism and a natural touch to your walls, get to know us.



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