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Art and ceramics, the perfect fusion of spaces

July, 2024

Building a legend through art in Mexico, Zacatecas and the world, painter and sculptor Gaby Suárez del Real has dedicated part of her life to promoting local and national artists, and not only that, as she considers art as a fundamental concept for the full development of human life. As an architect by profession, she emphasizes that especially in these times it is of utmost importance to create spaces with atmospheres in which people can feel happy.

People like her, have merged art and ceramics, as she has repeatedly made important collaborations and meetings with Cesantoni, just in August 2021, Gaby intervened with her painting techniques, Cesantoni ceramic pieces in rough to create unique works in paintings, achieving more than 20 paintings with exclusive designs that today decorate spaces.

Among the most recent exhibitions is “Ode to art and its creators”, a tribute to the artistic community at the Ex Templo de San Agustín in Zacatecas, which brings together 50 international artists through the Irma Valerio Art Gallery in commemoration of its 30th anniversary.

This exhibition, which has been held since December 2021 and will end in February 2022, has provided the opportunity to see, feel and live up close stories embodied in paintings, sculptures, and experiences as wishes to the universe, a work of Gabriela’s authorship. It is right here where Cesantoni is once again involved to promote and witness events like this one, whose objective is to demonstrate that art is an investment that should be introduced in homes as part of the same design to form a joint piece of art.

It is also important to recognize the high aesthetic impact that the artistic plays in interior design, it is necessary to make an introspection to connect and understand what you want to achieve, because it is through these decorative elements that people make the spaces their own.

For this reason, Cesantoni considers a fundamental pillar to those who make interior design possible, since there is no interior design if art is not considered or contemplated within it, and those who are dedicated to it; architects or designers, are still artists, since their works are the places we inhabit.

Learn more about the artist at: https://www.gabysuarezdelreal.com/


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