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If you like peace, harmony and relaxation, Japandi decoration is for you

June, 2024


The world of interior design has gained relevance in the Japandi style which is related to the decorative technique that merges Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics, a combination of Zen harmony and warm touch of Scandinavian warmth.

This Japandi style is related to the wabi-sabi philosophical movement as it seeks to incorporate noble, natural and simple materials that are of quality and functional. Therefore, it highlights the lightness in the decoration that lies in wood, neutral colors and some accents that do not alter the harmony of space. In the same way, it also has a familiarity with minimalism, the cleanest and clearest the space, the better.

To achieve this style it is necessary to create a natural atmosphere, although it prioritizes decorating with handicrafts, you can choose furniture with simple designs, plants, unglazed ceramic vases, textured cushions, contrasting blankets and books. Those who identify more with what Scandinavian expresses, will opt for cooler tones, especially white. Although the predominant colors are blues, greens and browns.

Another aspect that should not be overlooked is to avoid having elements that hinder the transit through the area, as this will detract from the simplicity that Japandi demands.

As for the design of floors and walls, neutral tones are the perfect ally or finishes that infuse nature such as wood type, although the walls do not exempt the idea of adding a green color that goes with the simplicity you are looking for. You can opt for some of the ceramic and porcelain floor and wall tile designs that Cesantoni offers in its various collections that include wood and cement or stone in neutral tones.

Learn more about the ceramic and porcelain floor and wall tiles that you can use in the Japandi style, click here.

Muro: Leighton 60 x 120 cm



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