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How to achieve the industrial style?

July, 2024

Although decades have passed since the boom of the industrial style in New York City in the 50’s, it has not ceased to be one of the favorites in interior design. To design a space that involves this style, the aspects that define it must be taken into account: versatility, neutrality and character, in addition to the fact that the main materials used are: wood, concrete, brick, iron or steel and leather. Although all this is important, what will give more prominence and should not be left aside is the floor and wall covering.

To achieve it, take into account the following points:

  • Use steel decoration elements or rustic furniture, since neutral colors, both light and sober: white, black, gray, beige and wood tones, are the basis of this style.
  • You can opt for floors with dark shades such as: gray or brown and with matte finish. In Cesantoni we recommend stone type floors such as: Ardem, Gaudi, Kiel and Martel or cement type floors such as: Leighton, Frau, Trenton and Pádova.
  • Wood type floors that resemble this natural element will create the effect you need, in Cesantoni we have these large format porcelain tiles: Denver, Calajan, Nekk o Riverwood.
  • It is characteristic of this style, the appearance of spaciousness by the few divisions in space, therefore, large format floors such as 60 x 1.20 cm or 20 x 1.20 cm will be the perfect allies.
  • Consider choosing floors with high traffic resistance so you will have no problem in using the decoration you want: furniture or metallic structures that can be heavy.
  • Ensure durability by opting for low maintenance and easy to clean floors or coverings, this will make your spaces always look good over the years.


In Cesantoni, you will find the quality required to achieve the industrial style, for residential or commercial projects. Get to know our wood, cement and stone products here.




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