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Cesantoni builds your projects through BIM

June, 2024

Cesantoni is not only a ceramic tile manufacturer from Zacatecas, but also a benchmark for innovation, since it uses technology to promote profitable and sustainable construction projects.

Based on the demands of our market, we decided to be a much more competitive brand by offering you a methodology that has expanded in the most developed countries, because now we have the ‘BIM’ tool and we want to optimize the development of your projects.

Cesantoni’s BIM catalog will allow you to visualize your projects and visualize your ceramic or porcelain tile floors and coverings in a realistic way. Optimizing your time and obtaining accurate calculations, material costs and measurements are also some of the features of this method.

Cesantoni, as a leader in the use of new technologies and on the road to innovation, takes the initiative to implement BIM as an option for professionals in the construction industry.

What used to be almost impossible, nowadays through this tool the limits are being reduced since it allows the virtual construction of a building and, in addition, provides the necessary technical information for its construction.

Who can use BIM? It can be used by: builders, architects, engineers, interior designers and clients.

Join professional success and start using BIM to design quality spaces with Cesantoni.




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