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‘Piacere’ a meeting point between design and passion

May, 2024

Have you already met our Cesantoni allies?

The passion for design made Carlos Trujillo and Francisco Acuña complement each other perfectly to form ‘Piacere’, a company that already has 27 years of experience and has become a reference dedicated to the import of Italian kitchens. They also venture into the furniture industry, with high-end brands.

This same passion has led them to be part of Design Week Mexico for 13 editions as sponsors of the event and until now, in Design House with the intervention of a complete space, since before they only provided products and materials for the design proposals.

From their point of view, the evolution of Design Week Mexico has not only been to bring together important architectural firms and the best in interior design: “These changes have been substantial and have maintained an important line of design with national and international suppliers, and it is a source of pride to see more and more national suppliers,” they explained.

Carlos and Francisco say they are proud to be part of Design House because this annual event promotes what is made in Mexico: furniture, accessories, as well as offices and factories whose goal is to bring design to all places in Mexico.

Talking about their participation in Design House, they say that the space they innovated and which they describe as collaborative, creative and with a lot of design intervention, they decided to include many national brands in it: “We found pieces that contribute and enrich our space and this is the proposal: a kitchen that contains Cesantoni coverings, national decoration and that we also love”, they mentioned.

How to dare to innovate…

“Risks are taken as challenges and we are used to working in very large spaces and focused on Italian design. Today having done this collaboration is totally different from what we normally do since we focus on large spaces. We broke with what we do with this contemporary and cozy kitchen and with a strong participation of Mexican design.”

Finally, they expressed their commitment to the 2021 edition of Design Week Mexico and Design House, which is to promote design in every sense, since it is what they are most interested in and passionate about, in addition to the collaborative work with the people behind what is possible today.


Cesantoni Edimburgo
Muro: Edimburgo 28.3x 7.2 cm

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