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Little adventures with Cesantoni

May, 2024

Cesantoni is the witness of dreams coming true and those dreams are embodied in the design of our ceramic floor and wall tiles, which we lovingly produce day by day.

Improving the life’s quality of families, livable environments and atmospheres, is the mission of the company, for this reason we are and we want to remain accomplices of the first steps and the integral development of children, as they become the users of the spaces and become familiar with them, their room is like a small world and the design becomes a fundamental piece for their physical, emotional and psychological well-being.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we confirmed how much our home deserves floors and walls that reflect harmony and comfort, without forgetting the rooms that are the first instance of childhood, where dreams and adventures are born.

We make sure that each of the products we manufacture is easy to clean, there is where walls, floors and tiles become the best friends of crayons. The versatility and colors of the tiles provide the opportunity to fulfill the desired interior or exterior design: from an explorer’s room to a prince and princess’s castle.

This April 30 let’s celebrate our little ones, let’s give them the tools and creative spaces to develop future minds without limits. Every little adventure begins with Cesantoni, designing the places to play, learn and dream.


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