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Clays that become ceramics

July, 2024

In Cesantoni, tierra de diseño, beauty, quality and innovation of design are our benchmarks as a brand. We adopt the term ‘tierra’ not only to emphasize that we are a proud company from Zacatecas, but also to recognize that our essence lies in the clays that mother earth gives us to transform them into ceramics.

We have been in business for only 40 years, and every day since we have been aware that every day is Earth Day, because ecological awareness remains on our agenda. We have taken actions to reduce the environmental impact to the best of our ability, through sustainable products, continuously improving the consumption of energy and materials, thus avoiding the emission of polluting gasses.

In 2019 we achieved a 12 percent reduction in water consumption, while in 2020 we achieved a 25 percent reduction in consumption compared to the previous year, meaning a savings of 23 million liters.

Cesantoni’s designs are inspired by nature, and thanks to HD technology, integrated into our production process, we’re able to create products such as ceramic and porcelain woods that stand out for their texture and perfect, natural finishes. In this way, our products provide a sense of comfort and warmth.

In Cesantoni, in addition to manufacturing ceramic floor and wall tiles with eco-friendly policies, we work every day to build a sustainable society in order to live in a better ecological and social environment; therefore, through alliances with our collaborators we have undertaken environmental projects, guided by the seven values that characterize us: passion, honesty, innovation, leadership, perseverance, responsibility and humility.


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