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Cesantoni Talks | Arq. Ana Paula Sánchez

June, 2024

Let’s talk about design, innovation and remodeling your spaces

The return of Cesantoni Talks started with the presence of the architect, Ana Paula Sánchez who has been making her way in the guild over 21 years of experience. With her profession she has broken many paradigms, as she emphasizes that the role of women in these areas is relevant, in addition to participating in the field of construction, Ana is a partner, founder and co-director of ‘Ambientes’, a magazine specialized in decoration, interior design and architecture.

On this occasion, she shared with architect Diana Garibay, the process of innovation of spaces and emphasized that in these times there was an increase in the demand for this type of projects, due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19, since people set their eyes on those spaces in which there is now a greater coexistence with the family and seek to improve them to generate more comfortable environments.

The need and concern are the factors that trigger this search for improvement in spaces and states that architects must pay special attention to clients to capture emotions and identify what that person wants to feel in their home and, thus, present a proposal. This can be summarized in two key questions from architect to client: what do you feel in your spaces and what do you need? This way, with their answers, you can easily reach the target. Another important thing is active listening to build trust.

To talk about innovation is to consider many aspects; colors, lighting, and even the organization, which provides a more comfortable feeling. Something that should be avoided is to have items that do not add to the spaces, that is to say that everything should be pleasantly placed. The tones should be in context, it is also important to integrate elements that harmonize and provide the desired feeling. While the kitchen, living room, hall, etc. were contained in four walls before, today the trend marks open spaces where people get communication and visual contact.

“A poorly made space can cause such stress that people do not live happily, but a well-made space can give such well-being that people enjoy coming home and living together, that is a great responsibility,” said the architect.

The process also includes presenting proposals in sketches or renderings so that they can visualize the project, dedicating time to the analysis of what you offer to the clients and considering the available budget, without forgetting to let them know the quality of the materials, those that are friendly, easy to install and that can achieve the idealized, as well as the materials that Cesantoni offers. Finally, Ana Paula acknowledged the important support of those who are part of each of her projects; her team, family, friends and above all, her husband, who is also an architect.


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