LEED certification, meet some of the sustainable buildings in Mexico

Throughout the years, humanity has been evolving and with it the lifestyle, with which every day a better world and social welfare is sought. For this reason, the construction industry has also put its ‘grain of sand’, getting involved in the design of sustainable architecture projects.

Realism and nature on your walls

Reinventing spaces or remodeling is always an idea that crosses our minds at some point in life and although the most common is to paint walls, change ornaments for a luxury decoration or move furniture, now is the time to look around us and think about what the walls of our home or office say.

Achieve an easy leveling of your installation!

In Cesantoni we want every construction project to be executed in the best way, for this reason and with more than 40 years of experience in the market, we present you the best tools for the handling and placement of our ceramic and porcelain tile floors and coverings.

How to achieve the industrial style?

Although decades have passed since the boom of the industrial style in New York City in the 50’s, it has not ceased to be one of the favorites in interior design.

Cesantoni builds your projects through BIM

Cesantoni is not only a ceramic tile manufacturer from Zacatecas, but also a benchmark for innovation, since it uses technology to promote profitable and sustainable construction projects.

Design Week Mexico

Taking all forms of design expression to the limit is the purpose of Design Week Mexico, the platform that for 13 years has become one of the most anticipated events for designers and architects and which has been headed by architect Emilio Cabrero, who has strived to maintain the high level of this showcase for the Mexican creative industries.

‘Piacere’ a meeting point between design and passion

The passion for design made Carlos Trujillo and Francisco Acuña complement each other perfectly to form ‘Piacere’, a company that already has 27 years of experience and has become a reference dedicated to the import of Italian kitchens. They also venture into the furniture industry, with high-end brands.

Everybody needs a break

VGZ Arquitectura, a firm from the CDMX and Cesantoni merged to present a great proposal in one of the most important events in which national brands in the architecture and design industry stand out.