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Achieve matte finishes and minimalist style in your spaces

June, 2024

Minimalism under the “less is more” principle of the architect Mies Van de Rohe, characterized by simplicity and fullness in spaces, has become the ideal scenario for many people in their daily routine.

A neutral color palette, open spaces, sober decoration and natural lighting are essential elements for the configuration of a minimalist space.

For those looking for this style, Cesantoni designed a line of porcelain tiles with a cementitious appearance in four shades that can be integrated into any area. In addition, they have characteristics that differentiate them from other products in the market; matte finish, no light reflection, resistance to high traffic and easy cleaning.

In addition, its format and technical qualities allow it to be placed on the floor or wall in interiors and exteriors of residential or commercial spaces.

This proposal of porcelain tiles with the appearance of Leighton cements can be the perfect element, providing a natural, aesthetic and functional perfection.


Piso: Leighton Dark 60 cm x 120 cm
Muro: Frau 45 cm x 90 cm / Piso: Nekk 20 cm x 120 cm

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