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July, 2024

Seriousness and commitment are some of the key elements to be successful on social networks, and becoming a person that many people want to follow on Instagram is not an easy task.

In the era of digitalization, connecting with millions of people has become important, that is the reality of today and there is always a reason for things. This connection has a lot to do with content, what value are you giving to your followers?, what are you bringing to them?

We must consider trends and inform ourselves about what is happening in the market on a daily basis, see the demands of the public and generate our own proposals.

This is how Marlon Iglesias, also known as Marlonif, shares his experience in Cesantoni Talks with Edson Noyola, merging marketing and the virtual world to achieve success in the architecture and construction industry.

Marlonif, an architect by profession and a graduate of the Iberoamericana University in Mexico City with studies at NY Cornell University and HK Hong Kong University, recognizes the growth of our current society and the high standards in the demand for digital content.

He explained that it is necessary to define a style in order to create a personal brand: “Whoever has more followers is because they are authentic, know the product and sell it… defining a style helps to get people interested,” he explained.
Social networks are going further and further, becoming an opportunity to change lives. For the architecture guild, this is an evolution, we are an evolutionary process where we not only receive information but we have the opportunity to create it, it is only necessary to start generating such information and content.

Architecture is not linked to the use of social networks as a tool, there is competition and we must take risks, said Marlon, adding that personally, as an architect, he tries to help and inspire the community when they come to him for advice.

He also explained that if an architectural brand is not growing, it is perhaps because it should turn to social networks to start selling more, and get into the new digital market.

“There is so much that can be explored, we just need creative people”.

Having followers is a responsibility, we must look for content that adds to them, we would make a mistake to think that followers are money or thanks to them we will generate income. Providing value to people will make them want to follow you, and your social networks will grow.

The online presence is consolidated, and many should see it as a goal and reach the global level just with a tool like a cell phone.

Finally, Iglesias recommends keeping social networks updated with constant publications: at least two per day. Although he clarified that there is no formula to generate followers in large numbers from one day to the next, it is a process in which the requirement and discipline with themselves, the analysis of what you are doing, measure the value it represents for you and others, allocate money to your personal brand, and have fun, work should be fun, are involved.

“I like people to see how I see the world: Instagram is a window”.

Personal improvement and continuing to grow as an entrepreneur is one of Marlon’s goals, starting from the point of continuing to inspire, being patient and persevering, since we live in a very competitive world.

“The best investment is to think about where the world is going and to try to anticipate it with actions to achieve success. You don’t need much, just your head.”

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